Hampton Springs Australian White sheep stud is located on a small property in the cool climate region of the Central Tablelands, NSW.

We are “Bee Friendly Farming” certified and practice integrated pest management (IPM) for both pasture and stock.

Our land is managed as naturally as possible, preferring organic fertilisers, manual weed removal and minimal herbicides (cut and paint only when necessary). We are not organically certified but try to follow those principles, in an effort to leave the land in better condition than we started our custodianship.

Our sheep are assessed and managed as naturally as is practicable. We utilise FAMACHA and worm egg counts when choosing to drench or not. We do, however, follow the recommended national health guidelines for routine vaccinations, to ensure our animals remain healthy and they do not become a risk to others.

Sustainability and biodiversity

Hampton Springs is also the base from which Dr Megan Halcroft runs Bees Business, an educational service centred around conservation, biodiversity and Australian native bees.

Aussie White Walkers
Our “Aussie White” walkers!