About Hampton Springs

Hampton Springs is situated near the township of Hampton, in the Central Tablelands of NSW. While winters can be very cold, the climate and elevation (1,100m) provide fairly reliable precipitation, resulting in lush spring, summer and autumn pastures. The natural spring fed dams provide a sustainable water source for both livestock and wildlife.

Australian White Sheep Stud

Being a small holding of 30 acres, enables us to more closely monitor and manage our livestock, ensuring all animals are as healthy and contented as possible. And yes, we name our sheep...

Australian White Sheep are bred to be a moderately large, meat sheep. They are a self-shedding, short-haired sheep, with a balanced temperament, thus making them a low maintenance animal. Ewes are exceptionally good mothers. Lambing complications are rare and the mothers are very protective. Aussie Whites are bred to be hardy, early-maturing and adaptable to most Australian conditions, except the most arid regions.

Our Australian White Sheep are bred from pure blood Baringa stud sheep and we are dedicated to raising strong, healthy stud rams, flock rams and breeding ewes, through sustainable land and resource management. Hampton Springs is an accredited Brucellosis free property under the NSW ovine brucellosis accreditation scheme (No OB17/16)

Australian White Sheep are also suitable for use as domestic ‘lawn mowers’ or to help manage grass and weeds within an orchard system. This is because they do not need shearing, have an even temperament and are good browsers (not too picky about their pasture). It is recommended that sheep are managed in groups (mobs) of at least two, as they are a ‘herd’ animal and are happiest in the company of other sheep.

Sustainability and biodiversity

Hampton Springs is also the base from which Dr Megan Halcroft runs Bees Business, an educational service centred around conservation, biodiversity and Australian native bees.

Aussie White Walkers
Our “Aussie White” walkers!